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StaYmo trolling motor stabilizer model “RTDU”- deck series - Rip Tide Ulterra compatible

StaYmo trolling motor stabilizer model “RTDU”- deck series - Rip Tide Ulterra compatible

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StaYmo’s  model “RTDU” - deck series is a trolling motor shock absorber/stabilizer to provide support between the boat and MinnKota Rip Tide Ulterra trolling motor. The “RTDU” model features our patent pending double strap/barrel connector design as well as our patent pending foot design.

The “RTDU” StaYmo must be removed before launching trolling motor and refasten StaYmo after decking trolling motor.

As waves impact your boat, StaYmo is supporting your trolling motor shaft and absorbing the energy to reduce or eliminate trolling motor shaft bounce and side wobble that can damage your trolling motor and boat. Wave pounding energy is absorbed by a combination of a stainless steel spring plunger and flexible nonslip deck cup. Deck cup functions on all flat surfaces such as smooth, non skid, carpeted, and foam surfaces (Sea Dek).  Patent Pending


To determine which size to order, simply measure from boat deck to bottom of trolling motor shaft in the area you plan to attach your StaYmo model “RTDU” We like to position our StaYmo near the power head but anywhere on the shaft will work, See photo for “how to measure”.

Three height ranges from 5 inches minimum to 12 3/4 inches maximum to accommodate varying distance from deck to bottom of trolling motor shaft.

StaYmo Features

~ Model “RTDU” StaYmo accommodates the MinnKota Rip Tide Ulterra. Auto launch and decking trolling motor.

~ No drilling those awful holes in your boat deck.

~ Standard color is white and black. See listing photo for additional color options to match your boat.

~ Best looking trolling motor stabilizer on the market.

~ Easy on/easy off attachment allows full use of shaft adjustment for times when it’s windy and rough water.

- Hexagon shape body for strength and anti-roll.

StaYmo Installation Instructions

1. Select area on trolling motor shaft to position StaYmo. Deck area must be flat.

2. Remove nut and bolt.

3. Extend StaYmo shaft to compress spring. A good starting point is to compress the shaft about 1/4 inch and then add more compression if needed after testing.

4. Replace bolt and tighten nut securely.

5. It’s that easy to install.  Now go fishing. Good luck.

Note: Rubber deck cup does not function as a suction cup but as a shock absorber/stabilizer.  Works on all flat surface.

For boats with bow rail we offer a StaYmo that connects to the rail.  See listing in our store.

At the end of the boating day and long term storage we recommend removing your StaYmo for easy boat cleaning and give it a rinse of fresh water and apply sun protector before stowing away with your tackle and tools. Easy on…….easy off. The way we like it.

See our listing for StaYmo accessories and replacement parts.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Six months free parts replacement.

Complete salt water and fresh water tested. We use the products to improve the boating experience.

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Patents Pending

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